The County Fair

Rides. Food. Games. Food. Vendor tents. Food. More rides. Food.

Did I mention there was food?

Corn dogs, hot dogs, chili dogs, funnel cakes with ice cream & chocolate syrup on top {talk about gilding the lily!}, hamburgers, french fries, pizza, smoked turkey drumsticks, corn on the cob, pork on a stick, gyros, ice cream, sno-cones, lemonade, root beer floats, malts & milkshakes. I think I need to count a couple POINTS for all the grease I inhaled from fried foods. Fried stuff. Yum.

Oh, how I coulda inhaled so much of that County Fair goodness. BUT, I did not. I had one bite of hubby's funnel cake. ONE bite. I had one lick of my daughter's ice cream cone. For dinner I had a corn on the cob & a prime rib wrap {light cheese, no mayo/ranch dressing}. It was quite tasty, filled with grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato, all tucked neatly into a garlic flavored flat-bread. Chicken or pork on a stick might have been good choices as well. The Sweet Tea was calling my name, but I was able to avoid the temptation. Diet Pepsi filled that void well.

The two-plus hours of walking helped to off-set the more-POINTS-than-usual meal. I am still astonished at my own restraint. Small victories, people. Small victories.


Anonymous said...

did you see any clowns while you were there?

Rebecca said...

Nope. No clowns :>)

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