Eat Smarter....

...not less. Because I'm all about not being hungry.

Ya know.
Kinda like the saying, "Work smarter, not harder."

I get emails from Weight Watchers & sometimes they include healthy eating tips & articles. The most recent one was titled "28 Small Changes That Will Make a Big Difference". Since I do believe that weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, I'm all about making small changes that add up over time. I was actually amazed at how many of the small changes I have incorporated into my diet. Seriously. Some of them being:

  • Ordering half-portions at restaurants or sharing a full-portion. Hubs & I nearly always share an entree & sometimes add in an extra house salad. Great for the pocketbook too!
  • Use less or no sugar in your coffee or tea. I'm nearly a 100% Splenda girl now, although once in awhile I'll add a little sugar because I do think it tastes better.
  • Measure your portions so you'll know what a cup, half-cup, or tablespoon of something looks like. I'd probably also add: know what a standard portion of a food item is. Do you know how much a serving of pasta is? How about salad dressing? Protein?
  • Find healthy alternatives to your favorite foods. I think this one is really crucial. It doesn't seem important, but I think you'll feel less deprived if you still get to eat all the things {or variations of them} you really love.
  • Always eat something for breakfast. We all know it's the most important meal of the day. For you non-breakfast eaters, think of it this way: the sooner you get some fuel in your body, the sooner your metabolism shifts into a higher gear. Sorry. Coffee doesn't count.
  • Add vegetables to everything. I add piles {and I mean piles} of sauteed mushrooms, onions & green peppers to my pizzas, even frozen or take-out. The mark-up on toppings for take-out is CA-RAZY! I even saute extra veg & add it to my Lean Cuisines. Extra veg on my kiddie size fast food burgers makes 'em extra filling too {plus those veggies are usually free}.
Any small changes you're working on this week?


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Neat! I still say coffee with milk is just as good as a breakfast! ;0)

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