Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye First Trimester. I wish you farewell. I'm hoping you held the lion's share of sickness and emotional difficulty. What between the surprise/shock/confusement {is that a word?} of actually discovering I was pregnant, all the holiday busyness and my dear Hubs being out a job, I was amazed I held it together as well as I did. You were over before I knew it. Goodbye regular jeans *sniff, sniff*. I didn't get to enjoy you nearly long enough before I had to give you up.

Hello to the next 13 weeks! I pray you will signify better health, more energy, and feeling more like ME again. I'm sure you will welcome warmer weather & more sunshine, which will boost this pregnant mama's spirits tremendously. Hello to maternity clothes {mixed feelings on that one}, ultrasounds {!!}, and hopefully the news of whether I'll be welcoming another son or another daughter. Hello to feeling my little one moving inside of me & a cute little belly to boot. {Does anyone else hate that time where you're not really showing yet, but you're too big for your regular clothes so you just look.....fat?}

Mini Update...
I guess it's official that I gained another 2 pounds. Somehow a pound snuck in a few weeks ago, so that brings the total up to three. I'm somewhat disappointed as I hoped to have 0 pounds gained at the end of the first trimester, but such is life. Considering the fact that my wee one is bigger than he/she should be at this point {Hello? Do you have a friend in there?}, I still feel this amount of weight gain is reasonable. I am planning/wishing for a gain of 7 pounds for the second trimester {average of 1/2 a pound a week} and a gain of 15 pounds in the third trimester {about 1 pound per week} would be a good target. That would bring my total gain up to 25 pounds, right about where I want to be.

I am still updating my progress page {tabbed at the top} with my pregnancy weight gain, so if you are preggo too, you can follow along. If you're just eating healthy & trying to shed a few pounds, you can also still see my weekly weight loss log while on Weight Watchers.

Three cheers for a happier, healthier next 13 weeks!


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