Slim Down Sundays: 0 gained

The other girls {Alicia, Beth, Brit, Erin & Hollie} are doing Slim Down Sundays, but for obvious reasons, my version will just focus on staying healthy. {Does it matter that I'm a day late? Can we just pretend that I wrote this yesterday & that you're just discovering it today? Ok then.}

Good News: I still weigh 166, which means 0 pregnancy pounds gained so far. My short-term goal is to still have 0 pounds gained by the end of the first trimester {which means only 2 more weeks to go}. The other great news is that world's best mom filled my freezer & cupboards to overflowing with groceries yesterday. Lots of goodies for the kids & healthy goodies for me & the hubs! I can't wait to try and review some of the new yummies!

Bad News: My second-half-of-the-day-nausea has put a real cramp in my eating style. I vacillate between eating what my body is craving {even if it IS mac & cheese from the blue box *gasp*} and eating what I know is healthy & tastes good, like salads, low-fat dairy, etc. Part of my difficulty is that by dinner time, I am too sick to cook. We have had way too many frozen pizzas around here {*double gasp*} instead of homemade meals. I think know I need to get some OAMC meals in the freezer that require little last minute work, other than to heat up a side dish.

This week's goal: Choose healthy foods when I'm feeling up to it & make at least one recipe to put in the freezer!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

This may seem like a duh since you are the queen of research but have you tried looking online for healthy snacks that help with nausea? I had heard that bananas were good for that. I'm not sure of any others though. :0)

congrats on the no lbs. gained!! That only gaining 25 the whole pregnancy is def. looking like its possible huh!! :0)

4evr_smiling said...

When I was pregnant, morning sickness was a HUGE pain for me and I read somewhere that ginger root is good for helping with nausea. I can imagine that it could work morning, noon, or night.
Just an idea! Good luck feeling better. ;)

Rebecca said...

Thanks gals!

Yes. I've heard them all, I think. Ginger seems to be especially popular. I've done hard ginger candies, ginger ale, ginger cookies & more recently raw grated ginger mixed into my drinks. My OB says to eat a fruit along with a protein. Who knows if any of it helps or not? It seems for me that a nice steady stream of food helps best. As in, eating every two hours or less.

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