When the Cat is away...

...well, you know what happens.

In other words, my scale is not functioning right now! It's an old fancy-shmancy Tanita model that would measure your body fat in addition to telling you your weight. I'm not sure if it's kaput or just needs a new battery. I keep telling the Husband to take a look at it and ya know what he tells me?

I thought you said you would check your progress by seeing how your clothes fit. So, how do your pants fit?

Men. Seriously.

But I suppose he's probably right, even though it's driving me bonkers not to be able to weigh myself. So, I ask myself, Self, how do your pants fit?

Well, they fit just fine, thankyouverymuch.

But I still think I should lay off the homemade peanut butter cookies. And the bittersweet chocolate chip ones too, just in case.


Peaceful Chaoz said...

lol, your so cute :0)

Stephanie said...

You can always take a peek at my scale when you're here - in the case that you want to know more than what your pants have to say. :-)

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