What size am I?

If only I knew! I have been patiently waiting to fit into a pair of beloved size 14 jeans. This weekend, they buttoned & zippered {small victory}, but after a few hours of wear, I deemed them still too tight. I want to be comfortable, ya'll. I was wishing I had a pair to bridge the gap between my frequently-falling-down 16s and the too tight 14s. *Insert Old Navy sale here.* I found a great pair for $20 {plus a 50% coupon = $10 jeans!!} that are, huh, a size 14. They fit perfectly. Not too tight at all. As a matter of fact, I can get them on without unbuttoning. Has the sizing system changed in 5 years? Is a 6 now an 8? Maybe it is the stretch in the jeans? I would've tried on a 12, but quite honestly, my mental state just wouldn't believe that I would fit in them. Maybe I should have.

I wore the *new* jeans again today & hubby commented that I really must like them. Yep. They're my new go-to jeans. I told him that I can't always be pulling up my falling-down pants, especially when I have to keep up my falling-down bra. Only one item of too big clothing allowed, LOL! Sounds like some serious shopping may be in my future......

So, now I'm wondering what my real size is? I guess, in the end, the number doesn't matter all that much. I am a size ME. And I am happy with that :>)


4evr_smiling said...

No small victory here!
NEW CLOTHES! Yay for you!

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