Dining Victory & Update

Last Sunday my step-mom took the train in from Chicago for a visit. She graciously offered to take the family to Biaggi's. I love this restaurant & it has been several years since I have been there. I have been telling hubby that I don't want to be a "slave to my POINTS", letting them totally control & dictate how I live & eat. When I sat down to look at the menu, I nearly started salivating over all the yummy dishes. {I think I should've counted one POINT for simply reading about all their cream sauces & pasta!} I almost threw the whole POINTS deal out the window, but decided on showing a little self restraint instead. I had one piece of bread from the breadbasket {herbed foccaccia, I believe} dipped in olive oil. ONE piece! I still can hardly believe it. Hubby & I shared a small caesar salad, of which I ate less than half {I can make it better at home}. For my entree, it was grilled chicken which had been marinated in balsamic vinegar, rosemary & a touch of honey served with veggies. I was repeatedly kicking myself for forgetting to ask for the veggies in light oil or grilled. UGH. Lesson learned. We did order dessert {Tiramisu, uber-YUM!} and I limited myself to 4 forkfuls. I left there feeling satisfied in more ways than one. Small victories, ya'll.

I am down one more pound this week. This was a good result, considering the dinner at Biaggi's and our weekly small group meeting {last night}, with lots of food {affectionately nicknamed "the trough" by the way}. Seeing the numbers go down still seems a bit surreal to me, like these are just arbitrary numbers with no concrete meaning. I think once I start fitting into some of my older clothes then the weight loss will seem more real. {I wonder if anyone else feels this way!} I am wearing an OLD pair of jeans today, that I believe I haven't worn in two years, which is leaving me feeling a little out-of-sorts. "Huh? Do these really fit?" They are a little on the snug side, but my daily go-to pair of jeans are now a little too big & I am constantly pulling them up. I wish I had an in-between pair, but hopefully in a few weeks the ones I have on will be fitting a little better.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!


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