Why Being Tired is Dangerous

Because I just want to eat, eat, EAT to raise my blood-sugar! In an effort to revamp my daily routine, this self-proclaimed night owl is attempting to wake up at 6:30 am, before the children, to get a jump start on my day. Side-effects? Serious sleepiness. I have been going to bed earlier, like 9:30 pm, but maybe I just need more time to adjust. You know the day is gonna be rough when you wake-up tired. A bit later in the day, I found myself telling my husband that I am just going to HAVE to drive to the doughnut shop & eat about 12 doughnuts. Scary thing? I was willing to do it. My body felt desperate. The good news is that after I passed out took a short nap on the couch, I am feeling much better. A nice cup of tea will stand in for that sugary snack. I just saved myself a trip into town......


4evr_smiling said...

I feel like I am commenting on every post right now. I am new to reading your blog - actually stumbled across it and am glad that I did.

Swiss Miss has diet hot cocoa that is 0 points and is wonderfully, chocolately, goodness in a pouch. It might help take the edge off the donut craze!

Rebecca said...

Yum! Thanks for the tip :>) Love those 0 point treats!!

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