The Black Bra & Old Jeans

I purchased a Black Bra eons ago. Nothing fancy. Just some Target brand cotton braziere, but a change from my typical white/beige selection nonetheless. It hadn't been worn more than a handful of times before it was no longer the right size. {Those darn dryers....always shrinking things! Now if only I could fit in there......} I don't remember if it was holiday weight gain or pregnancy or just random weight gain for no apparent reason. It proceeded to be filed away with all the other no-longer-wearables. That pile grew slowly, over time, but now that I think about it: What a depressing pile that was to behold!

Fast forward to this week. My current bras, all nursing ones from my baby, sad to say, are becoming too loose. Not enough support for my girls, if ya know what I mean. Hubster is constantly tightening the straps in a futile battle to keep 'em up. The Black Bra somehow pops into my mind. It was just waiting for me in my closet, along with all the other no-longer-wearables {hopefully that will change soon}. With heaploads of doubt, I try on the Black Bra and to my shock/surprise/utter delight, it fit like a glove.

In the same pile lurked a pair of American Eagle Jeans, size 14. I tried them on last week. Tooo snug. Didn't want to lose my lower extremities due to a cut-off of blood circulation so I figured it best to wait to wear them. For some unknown reason, I tried them on again this morning and......success! They are still a little snug, but I'm not in fear of losing my legs. Can 1 pound really make that much of a difference? Maybe the pound I lost solely came from my waist? Either way, I will take it. {Well, actually, leave it, but you know what I mean.}

So who knew a Black Bra and an Old Pair of Jeans could bring so much pleasure to this {almost} healthy foodie. Small victories, my peeps, small victories.


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Something that someone said that has always stuck with me and I think you'll especially relate to since your a foodie, 1 lb. equals one whole box of butter, so I think thats a big deal if you look at it like that!! Just imagining taking off a lb of butter off my butter makes me want to go out and jog, (well maybe not that much but you get my drift, lol) ;0)

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