31 by 31 and more

I'm here to report: Twelve pounds gone forever! There are 15 weeks left in the year and that means about 21 weeks until my next birthday. If I can maintain about a 1 pound a week loss {with a tiny bit of wiggle room for those food-laden holidays}, I can possibly lose 31 pounds by my 31st birthday. I think that goal just has a nice ring to it.

On the clothing front.....

I wore a pair of capris yesterday that will have to be permanently relegated to the too big pile {saving them just in case I decide to have another baby & need some bigger clothes}. I really dislike being in between sizes, but am too practical/frugal to buy too many clothes to bridge the gap. When clothes are too loose, it just looks sloppy to me. When they are too tight, it seems like I am trying too hard to be in a size I don't belong in. I guess I'll just have to get by with my new go-to Old Navy jeans until more of the smaller clothes start fitting. Now if only the weather would cool down so I can wear them!

Weekend Pleasures....

We went to our local apple orchard as a family this last weekend, where I *enjoyed* two apple cider doughnuts. I started with just one & after careful consideration, decided to eat a second one as well. I thoroughly enjoyed them, each and every bite, savoring their warmth, light texture, and sugar-crusted goodness. I kept telling Hubster that, "Those were the best doughnuts I've ever had....." It was truly mindful eating at it's best.


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