In everything

by ifijay

I was introduced to a new worship song at church this past weekend. The main idea is that "God is in everything". The verses included lines like God in breathing, God in resting, God in working, etc. Which got me thinking about....
God in eating. If we are sure that God is in everything, then that would have to include eating also, right? I am not sure how this applies in a practical way, but here are some things that come to mind:

: He is the Creator of all things, food included {well, the natural ones at least}, and we should enjoy the good things He has made. I can marvel at His creativity whenever I am eating something natural and observing its facets: flavor, color, texture and how those things make a melody in my mouth. {Melody in my mouth, I love that!} I think it probably gives Him praise when we delight in these things!

Am I using my eating to fill a void that God should be filling? a.k.a. Emotional Eating. The term "Comfort Food" was coined for a reason. It's comforting! There shouldn't be any guilt in eating something warm, hearty, and filling on a cold winter's eve, but eating a quart of ice cream, straight from the container, in one sitting, should raise a red flag. There is hunger (physical) and then there is HUNGER (spiritual); we shouldn't confuse the two.

Evident Fruit:
One of the fruits of the Spirit is "self-control". In Titus 2:5, older women are told to teach younger women to be "self-controlled". I think, somehow, it brings Him glory when we are able to be good "managers" of what we are eating. Just because salad is healthy, doesn't mean we should eat bowlful after bowlful if we are not truly hungry. I would also add: making prayer a part of our mealtimes, even if it's something as simple as just thanking Him for His provision. Not sure if that would fall under a category I listed, but thought I'd mention it none the less. What comes to mind when you consider God in eating? Any thoughts on how that looks in a practical way? Am I crazy?

Please remember, I am on a journey here, like maybe many of you are. I am not claiming to be any kind of expert on eating philosophy. Just trying to change my life, one small step at a time.


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Some great food for thought! Ha no pun intended, I'm such a dork I know ;0) I can especially relate to the emotional eating. Eating has been most of my life a way to do something to forget what I am feeling. I guess I didn't even realize it until about 1 1/2 years ago and thankfully figured out that its ok to Bring it all to Him!! Just recently been in a rut again this has helped it come into perspective for me. Changing my life from the inside out, is the key! ;0)love ya!!

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