Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

My dad used to say that "ALMOST only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades". Today was my short-term goal date for losing 10% of my body weight (18 pounds). I guess I can only say that I almost made it. If it weren't for those two weeks of sickness thrown in there, I might've come pretty close. My short-term goal weight for today was 168. The scale said 170.5 this morning. I am so excited to be close to breaking into the 160s! I decided that once I break 170, I will be treating myself to a new {or new-to-me} Pilates DVD. Gotta have those rewards built in, girls! I then will refocus my attention to my next short-term goal, which is to weigh 160 by December 6. That gives me 7 weeks to lose 10.5 pounds, meaning I would have to lose exactly 1.5 pounds per week to make that happen. I am considering moving that goal date back by a few weeks, considering I will have our anniversary getaway and Thanksgiving thrown in the mix to contend with. I keep telling myself, "This is not a race. This is not a race. This is your life. This is not a race." I need to extend myself a bit more grace than I have been. I need to remember to enjoy my life.

Got any short-term goals you're working on? How are those coming along?


Peaceful Chaoz said...

WaHooo! Minus 2 lbs of butta, Wait to go!!

Saralyn said...

I'm curious what Pilates dvd's you like. I really like Pilates but can't find one in which the instructor doesn't move too fast from position to postition or assume that the viewer knows what she's doing!

Rebecca said...

Saralyn: I actually haven't done any research on it yet. {Hmmm, better add that to my to-do list!} I'll let ya know what I figure out :>)

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Ummm Bec I'm pretty sure I have a pilates dvd that you lent to me when you were pregnant with Sienna! Lets add that to the ever growing pile of stuff I keep forgetting to give to you.

This may help Saralyn out too, this pilates dvd is The New Method Pilates with Jennifer Kries. The pilates part is pretty slow compared to some others I've done, and personally I think she's a little boring personality wise but it might be worth it to you to check into if your looking for something a little more low key!

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