A Couple "Befores"

Since Alicia keeps asking so nicely for "before" photos, I am finally obliging. I realize I don't have many photos of myself because a) I am usually the one behind the camera and b) poor self-image = don't want to see myself in pictures. But here are a couple I dug up nonetheless.

:: march 2006 - around 170 ::

:: april 2007 - about 178 ::

:: june 2007 {3 months pregnant} - low 180s ::

:: june 2008 - around 186 ::

That last one is actually, before the last few weeks, the most recent picture I have of myself at my highest adult {non-pregnant weight}. I am actually really enjoying seeing myself in photos lately, which is a really great feeling. Another small victory, peeps.

Stay tuned for a couple of "after" pictures!

P.S. Blogger is not playing nicely today, so if the pictures & words come out all wonky & not aligned, now you'll know why.


Peaceful Chaoz said...


4evr_smiling said...

As much as I hated seeing myself in old photos at the time, I really enjoy looking back at them now. I think there are a whole bunch of phases you go through at different times.

For example - In my head I always thought I looked a certain way. Then I would see a picture of myself, and say "is that what I really look like?"
Then I started losing the weight and I couldn't SEE the difference in myself at all. But bring out the camera and show me a current photo and I can't believe that's what I look like now. I still have the idealized image from my head in my head.
It's very weird and almost too complex to try to explain typing. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Maybe your kiddos can start taking photos of mom, so that way when looking back at photos you WERE there!

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