Goodbye 170s!!

Hello 160s! {I have not seen ya'll in a really long time.} It's been about 3 years, I believe, before the holiday season of 2005. I remember being about 168-ish then. I gained 10 pounds that holiday time & never lost it.

I am happy to report that I am nearing the 20-pound-lost mark! We had another round of the sickies, which left me with low appetite this week. I've been neglecting the POINT counting as well this weekend. Yesterday {not my official weigh-in day, but I was going to have a big lunch/dinner & was afraid Sunday morning's weigh-in would reflect that} the scale said 168.5. Then this morning, official weigh-in day, the scale said 168. HUH. I will be going with 168.5 for the record. That would still mean I lost 2 pounds last week. Surprising, but I'll take it!

Some days I feel really great about my body & my progress. Other days I feel as if I went from being really, really fat to just really fat. {Does one "really" make any difference?} I look at my flabby Santa Claus-like belly and wonder if that thing will ever go away. Hubster says that I "feel" thinner when he hugs & holds me, which is seriously encouraging. Sometimes I wonder why more people haven't noticed those missing 20 pounds. Maybe I do not really look that different? Maybe they have their own issues with extra-pounds, so would rather not broach the subject?

Dressing a little nicer than usual helps me to lift my spirits on those "fat" days. There's nothing like digging out a pair of pants that fit too snugly to wear just a few weeks ago & finding that, not only can you button them, but they fit flatteringly as well {happened just this morning}! My definition of "fit" {when it comes to pants} is being able to button/zipper them without a belly roll hanging over the top. Sounds yucky, but true. Some people might think that if you can shove yourself into those babies & take a deep breath to latch 'em shut, that that constitutes the fact that they "fit". Not me.

What's your definition of clothes that "fit"? Being able to squeeze in or wear comfortably?


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Way to Go!! 2lbs. of Sqooshy Mooshy Butta gone byebye!! :0)

LOL, sometimes I crack myself up for no apparent reason at all. Keep up the good work, I think you look great! Don't worry about the people that haven't said anything, it could be any of of your reasons or it could just be their not very observant, but there is a BIG difference! And if you are feeling healthier that's all that matters any way right? ;0)

Skyra said...

Great job, Bec! You are doing a great job - keep it up!

You most of been feeling like me - tired of talking about losing weight, etc.

3 weeks ago (tomorrow) I started to only eat 1150 calories and I'm going to the gym (5-6 times a week). I've lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks and feel GREAT about myself.

I LOVE going to the gym and can't wait to go daily.

We need to get together soon - I miss you and having seen the kids in FOREVER. Hope we can see each other soon.

Love, your favorite cousin

Saralyn said...

20 lbs?! Yippie!

I'm not sure the "no muffin top" definition of fitting pants will ever work for me again. Having two medium and one super-sized baby has killed that dream. (Okay, maybe some of the problem has to do with the candy corn.)

I gave up clothes you have to suck in to wear years ago. Give me full coverage! But those elastic pantie things do work wonders!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the encouragement guys!

Skyra: Nice to hear from you again! I'm so proud of you for trying to live healthier as well & am so glad that you are feeling better about yourself! Did you really mean 1150 though and not 2150?? I don't think 1150 calories could be very healthy for your body at all! Now you've got me concerned about you :>)

I'll send you an email soon to see what your schedule looks like!

Saralyn: Muffin top! I knew there had to be a word for that phenomenon, but I didn't know what it was. Ya learn something new everyday!

Skyra said...

Yep, I did mean 1150. They say if you are trying to lose weight that you should eat about 1200 calories a day. So, I'm sticking to 1150.

Email me so we can get together.


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