Assessing the Damage

Thanks to a great weekend getaway with the love of my life, I will now be assessing the damage from all the wonderful food we indulged in. I did not regret a minute of my no-POINT-counting-weekend, well, ok, maybe just a little driving home & dreading what the scale might read. I realize that the worst thing I can do is not weigh myself. The worst that can happen is that I gained a few pounds & will just have to eat "clean" this next week. The good news is that my mom has joined WW and has used my example as her motivation! This, in turn, motivates me to keep...moving...forward. So, the damage is....

....*gained 1 pound*.....

Phew! Not nearly as bad as I expected. Guess all the walking & extra activity paid off!

my thoughts: After "falling off the wagon", weigh yourself as soon as possible. No use avoiding the scale as you're only fooling yourself. Assess. Plan. Move Forward!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Glad you were able to enjoy yourself!! ;0)

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