Why I *Love* Thrift

Because I can get new-to-me name-brand clothes for ridiculously low prices. Just last weekend I got 3 long sleeves shirts {Old Navy, Target, Wal-Mart}, two sweaters {Old Navy & Ann Taylor Loft}, and one sweater & one shirt for my 3-year-old {both Gymboree}, all for a grand total of: $15. It almost makes me feel criminal to get so much for so little. I almost bought a tan colored long wool coat for $13, but I let my sister-in-law talk me out of it. I went store shopping not too long after & couldn't even bring myself to purchase anything. One shirt alone would've cost me more than my entire thrift store trip! What I'd really like to do is make a list of classic wardrobe "must haves" {suggestions?} and start buying them thrift as I see them. The hardest thing to buy thrift is pants. I was thinking I could wear some sort of tight exercise shorts under baggy pants, so that I could try on different pairs to see how they fit. I don't really care about looking ridiculous at the shop, if it means I can get 5 pairs of pants for the price of one pair brand new. I don't think I'll ever buy a coat brand new again. My two current coats are from the same shop. They always have certain color tags marked half-off each day, so if you hit it on the right day, you may just get lucky. My top three hints for thrift shopping are:

#1. Plan your time according to shop size. My favorite one is enormous with racks upon racks of clothes. Next time I will be sure to set aside several hours of time to devote to shopping.

#2. Leave the kids at home. Reason? See hint number one. It's next to impossible to focus on the plethora of clothes with a screaming baby in the cart. Ask me how I know.

#3. Wear clothes that will allow you to try things on. A tank top under a jacket or sweater will allow you to try shirts over your tank.

Can't wait til my next trip so I can steal score a "new" wardrobe!


Saralyn said...

I'm with you. I hardly ever buy anything but undies new, and they'd better be on sale! You blog is great and I think you're very brave and doing terrific. You go girl!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Just wanted you to know I'm getting started back this week! Please PRAY for me!! and I'm sure I'll be emailing you lots, lol!!!

Erin said...

Would you post names or addresses to your favorite shops? I like thrift shops but not all of them.

Rebecca said...

My favorite shop is called Village Discount and is in Elgin on Summit St. There is another one on the corner of 25 & 72 in Carpentersville that I went to once, but is considered "ghetto" by some of the locals I know {their words, not mine}. There is one in Crystal Lake near the Joseph's, but they really don't have much of a selection. Village Discount is aisle, upon aisle, upon aisle of clothes. That is really the main attraction. There are little bobbles & doo-dads for sale as well, but I think most people come for the clothes. It's worth the drive to me & I would definitely go there once in awhile, even if it weren't down the street from the in-laws. HTH!

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