Back on Track

subtitled as, "Why not to take more than a week off of conscious eating"

I really feel that I still made the best choice I could by not strictly managing my eating while sick. Some days, I would sleep for 9 hours at night & still need a 1 1/2 hour nap! Suffice it say, measuring portions & making critical healthy food choices were not at the top of my list. Some days I barely ate anything {2 crackers by lunchtime!} and other days my appetite was a little better. All things aside, I maintained my weight for one week & lost about 1/2 pound the second week. I must say though, it was mighty hard to restart the conscious food choices after so long of a break. It's almost like I had lost some momentum. I started counting POINTS again on Sunday and I am just starting to feel myself gain steam again.

The family and I went on a great bike ride today, enjoying the beauty of His creation and a day that turned out to be absolutely perfect. I love these kinds of days, cooler, clear blue sky, leaves starting look splendid. It was made all the more marvelous by the fact that I started out dreary, overcast & depressing. I felt like there was some sort of spiritual lesson to that fact! Hubs pulled my two littles in our bike trailer & oldest daughter rode her two-wheeler. I left the family at a pit stop & continued on for a ways, then turned around and nearly caught them on their way back. It felt good to get the body moving while in nature, especially during this season. Not only that, but I earned 2 exercise POINTS while I did it!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Way to Go!! You look great, I still think you should post pics on here though, its so fun to see progress when you look back at before pics and say gosh I remember how that felt and I feel so much better now!! keep up the good work, I am going on a bike ride today when the boy gets off to pre-k!! ;0)

Rebecca said...

I will have to find some pictures to post. I don't have too many of myself because: I'm usually the one behind the camera & I didn't want to see myself in a picture :>(

Great idea!

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