One Week Ago....

....I got sick & stopped counting POINTS. I am still sick & still not counting, focusing on just getting better. I figured that even if I don't lose anything {or even gain a pound} it won't be too big of a deal. I rather spend the little energy that I do have on homeschooling, my family & my home, instead of on keeping track of & planning what I am eating. I did already lose another 2 pounds last week, so I am getting pretty close to breaking into the 160s. That will be so exciting!! I think it's probably been about 3 years since I weighed one-sixty-anything.

Breaking the news.....

In all honesty, the reason I haven't shared this blog with anyone boils down to one thing: fear of failure. I figured if I didn't tell anyone that I was trying to make healthier lifestyle choices & I failed, then no one would know. It's not something that I should care too much about in the first place: what other people think, I mean. I promised myself that once I had lost enough pounds for others to start noticing, that I would go public with this blog, aka announcing it on my personal blog. Well, someone noticed. It's just one person, but it encourages me that I am beginning to look different. I definitely feel different and my clothes feel different {mostly being too big}! I think it will be soon that I will put this out there for more people to see.

I can't wait to start feeling better so I can get back on track with managing my eating a bit better. Ta-ta for now!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

You have inspired me! You've done such a great job so far, how about some pictures GIRL!!! Got to get those before and after and during to get the real affect ;0)

Cheers to being healthy!!

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