15 Weeks and Counting

Today marks 15 weeks of pregnancy. The nausea is still ever present, although it's not nearly as extreme as it was in the first trimester. The evenings are still the worst part of the day and I try to go to bed as early as possible {typically before 9 pm} because I am usually so sick & can not wait to sleep and get some relief! I had 0 pounds gained last week and 0 pounds gained this week. That means only 4 pounds gained so far. Still on track for a 25 pound gain during this pregnancy! I have been wearing a combination of my old "fat" clothes {mostly sweatpants} and occasionally some maternity clothes. I feel a mixture of pleasure & sadness when I put on my old clothes as pregnancy-wear. Pleasure that I was able to successfully leave those baggy items behind by losing 22 pounds {and can now use them as maternity clothes!} and sadness that I stayed at that weight {unhappily} for so long. The whole family was able to attend an early pregnancy ultrasound where we all got to see our newest little one! He/she is measuring exactly right for dates and was opening & closing his/her mouth for us to see. It was so precious! I'll be sharing my latest technique for taking weekly baby steps on my other blog, so stop by for a visit! Hope you had a happy & healthy week!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

I'm sorry Bec, I'm praying for you. See you tonight.

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