50% Baked

My bun in the oven is officially 50% baked. We reached the 20 week mark yesterday! And here's how the pregnancy is progressing in a nutshell.

Sickness: still have the yuckies several evenings a week. Usually still going to bed before 9 pm, since I just feel sick & can't wait for relief, aka sleep. Traveling is hard too. I normally get carsick from time to time while UNpregnant, so having baby related nausea doesn't help matters.

I've only gained 8 pounds...er...well....8.5, if I'm totally honest! I haven't actually gained anything in the last 3 weeks or so. Those couple pounds just kinda snuck up on me all at once. Still hoping to only gain about 25 pounds total, if possible.

Sometimes I wear maternity clothes, sometimes I don't! I never thought this would be possible while this far along. Most of my pants are maternity now, although I do have a pair of size 16 khakis that are still plenty comfortable to wear. They do look a little funny since the legs are so baggy though. My favorite items are regular, larger sized sweatpants, although I have a couple of nice yoga-style maternity outfits that I can't wait to wear once the weather warms up.

I still feel tired often. I thought the 2nd trimester was supposed to bring nausea relief AND increased energy, but I guess my body is just bucking the trend. I don't know if feeling sick takes more energy from me than I expect and perhaps having a 15-month old to chase after has something to do with it.

Since this latest blessing was a surprise {to me, not God}, it has been a process to get accustomed to the idea. I have only felt flutters from time to time, but no real amount of movement yet. I'm hoping once I feel the baby move more often, I'll be able to "bond" a little more. I would think that once I start showing more, it would make things a little more real. Hubs & I are both looking forward to finding out whether we will have another son or daughter & should know by the end of the month. Picking out a name, making nursery arrangements, getting clothing ready will all help to increase excitement for our new addition.

That about covers it! Only 20 weeks {hopefully a bit less} to go!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Yea! Will be praying for that sickness to go away, and that you start looking pregnant,heehee!! ;0)

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