Holding Pattern

I am still in a holding pattern 'round these here parts, right at about 168. I did lose about 1 pound in the last few weeks somewhere, but am happy just hanging out in the upper 160s for now. This puts me at a small-average size 14. I do have some short-term and longer-term goals that I have been thinking about, as well as strategies to help me get there.

Short-term Goal: 165 by January 2nd. More ambitious goal: 160 by January 2nd. We have a family wedding to attend on that day, so I figured that might make for a good incentive to lose a couple pounds. It's always difficult for me to lose weight around the holidays, which is why I'm not planning on going on an all-out weight-loss campaign during the next few months. How: Exercising 2x a week and drinking more fluids. Yes. Just those two simple things. I think my eating is fairly under control & I just will need to put some smart choices into practice when it comes to holiday entertaining. I am currently suffering from a fairly severe pinched nerve in my neck, so I will need to wait until I can get that cared for before I begin undertaking a more active regimen.

Longer-term Goal: Size 12 by Spring (March 21st). I'm really not sure how many pounds this will equate to, but I'm guessing it would be another 10-12 pounds from where I'm at now. If I reach the January 2nd short-term goal, I'll only have a little more to lose in order to hit this longer-term goal. I'm always willing to re-evaluate though, as I move along. Marathon, not sprint, people. How: I probably will have to start counting POINTS again and keeping up with the exercise.

So there we have it. I'm glad I'm writing it down now, thereby having something I've committed to and goals which are more concrete to work towards. Any concrete goals you're working towards at the moment?


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Welcome back! And good for you, writing it all out! I like how you put your goals simply and not to far fetching, seems more realistic way of living and being able to reach them!! Always happy to hear the marathon approach and how it works for everyone differently!! :0) Hope you feel better soon. I would love to walk with you sometime when your up for it!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Hows the hangin out going? ;0)

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