Why I Love Club Soda

Because it gives me the taste of soda without the calories or caffiene. PLUS: It's cheap! It's this frugal foodie's new friend. {Try saying that 5 times fast}. I usually just put a couple splashes in my Crystal Lite {WM generic version, ya'll}, but my favorite combination has got to be, what I like to call, the Weight Watchers Kiddie Cocktail.

WW Kiddie Cocktail
1 tub of fruit punch Crystal Lite {or generic}
1 tub of pink lemonade Crystal Lite
Club Soda

Make one gallon of drink using the above flavors. Pour into glass. Add a couple big splashes of club soda. Add little paper umbrella or straw for atmosphere. Enjoy!


Saralyn said...

You've got to try the flavored seltzer water, if you haven't. Our favorites are the citrus flavors. Canfields cheaper than La Croix and I think Jewel has their own brand.

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