Breakfast Sampler

Thought it might be kinda fun to post about some of my typical meals while on WW. Maybe you'll see that eating healthy really isn't such drudgery or it'll shake up your current healthy eating plan. Here are some typical breakfast menus:

  • Multi-grain english muffin with 1 Laughing Cow Cheese spread & a banana {4 pts.}
(I love this combo because the muffin with the laughing cow reminds me soooo much of a bagel with cream cheese, but a lot lighter of course.)
  • 1 c. of frozen berries with 1/2 c. of low-fat homemade yogurt & about 1/8 c. of homemade granola {3-4 pts.}
  • Kashi cereal {different varieties, but usually GoLean} with skim milk {I make it add up to 4 pts.}
  • one scrambled egg with 2 slices of Healthy Life bread {with 1 T. ICBINB light} and 1 slice turkey bacon {4 pts.}
  • 2 slices Healthy Life bread spread with 1 T. peanut butter and one apple {3 pts.}
  • 1 small pancake with ICBINB & syrup with a slice of turkey bacon {3 pts.}
Those are pretty much my go-to breakfasts. If the kids are having cinnamon rolls {reduced-fat} I might have one of those with an egg and a piece of fruit. Or if I made waffles that morning, I'll have too. I'd like to maybe work in some smoothies or maybe low-fat muffins, but haven't had time to plan ahead for those. Guess the breakfast of frozen berries with yogurt & granola could easily just be added to the blender, yes? I think at this time of year, some pumpkin-y breakfasts might be an order.

Any favorite healthy breakfasts to add to my rotation?


Peaceful Chaoz said...

I am just not a breakfast person, but I do really like the No Sugar Added Instant Carnation Breakfasts with added Fiber. I haven't this winter but I love adding fruit like banana or strawberries to the Royal chocolate. Very simple and quick!! I also love oatmeal on this very cold days, warms me right up. I make the instant Heatlhy Weight but I'm sure you could come up with something homemade ;0) And speaking of pumpkin, the recipe you gave for those pancakes were awesome. They turned out so light and fluffy!! Plus I believe they were a lower fat and you could probably make them even lower. We had them the other night for our breakfast at dinner time!! Yummy, Yummy!! :0)

Rebecca said...

DUH! I can't believe I forgot the oatmeal! Yes, that is one of my stand-bys as well. I just eat regular old-fashioned oats, generic brand, because its the best for you at the cheapest price. I love it with a bit of brown sugar or lite maple syrup on it. I wonder if I could make pumpkin oatmeal? Or would that be weird & yucky?

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