Snack Sampler

Next up, snacks! I must, must, must have snacks throughout my day. I just think my body {and probably most bodies} work better when constantly fueled throughout the day, instead of in three lump sums biggrin. Here are many of the snacks that I keep stocked on my shelves:

  • 1 Laughing Cow cheese with some crackers, like Trader Joe's Ak-mok, All-bran high-fiber or even Aldi's Light & Fit wheat crackers {1 pt for the LC and I eat 1 pt worth of crackers}
  • String cheese {1-2 pts depending on brand}
  • Banana
  • Apple with one ounce of really good sharp cheddar cheese {I just found a great 2% sharp cheddar sold in a brick!}
  • Frozen grapes {Haven't done this in a while, glad I reminded myself!}
  • Hard-boiled egg with kosher salt & fresh ground pepper
  • Healthy Life bread spread with ICBINB and roasted garlic
  • Light popcorn
And my top two favorite snacks are.....
  • Pickles {I don't know what I would do without pickles! Nearly 0 calories so I can eat a couple for 0 pts!!}
  • High fiber bars like Fiber One or Aldi's Fiber Now -- almost makes me think I'm eating a candy bar plus it's a good source of fiber -- yummy!!
Ok. Bring on the Snack Attack! Got some favorites to add to my list?

P.S. I'll be doing "Sweet Treats" separately, so save up some ideas for those!


4evr_smiling said...

I LOVE the weightwatchers fruit and nutty madness bar! I couldn't live without that. All the other snacks are mainly sweet, so I'll wait on that! :o)

Peaceful Chaoz said...

I have none. But those are all good ideas! ;0)

Can't wait for the sweet treats though, just so happens I have one that is 0pts. heehee ;0)

Saralyn said...

I put 1/3 cup popcorn kernals in a paper lunch bag, fold over the top and tape shut, then microwave as I would store-bought microwave popcorn. Put it in a bowl and give it a few squirts of Olivio butter substitute and you've got a great snack. If I need a sweet treat a bit of cinnamon sugar on top does the trick.

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