Sampler: The Lunch Edition

Now that I've told you what I'm having for breakfast & what I'm snacking on, I'll move on to lunch! I try to keep my lunches around 6 PTS and it's usually a combination of the following:

  • Leftovers: hey, they're not glamorous, but surely are frugal.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Healthy Life bread with (2) 2% cheese slices & ICBINB
  • Salad with LF dressing. I'm loving Kraft Catalina right now because it's 1 PT for 2 T.
  • Chicken burger with caramelized onions on a Whole Wheat High-Fiber bun. I *love* the Fit 'N Active chicken burger patties from Aldi, although I'm having a hard time finding them now :>(
  • Lean Cuisine: either a 4-5 PTer with an additional side or a 6 PTer. I nearly *always* add additional sauteed veggies to my Lean Cuisines. Too bad Aldi doesn't make a Fit 'N Active version!
  • 0 or 1 PT Progresso Light Soup. Love, love, love it! Great filler, warms me up on a cold day & makes a great snack too!
  • Lunch meat sandwich. Great go-to meal for when I'm feeling lazy, which seems to happen quite frequently. Sometimes I'll put some 2% cheese on it & broil it til toasty.
  • BLT with basil. Turkey bacon for the "B" part & light mayo. Since you know I'm a foodie, I'll pretty much only eat these when tomatoes are in season or if some really good "on the vine" ones can be found at the market.
  • Terra Chips. Love 'em. They're a gourmet brand of chip {gourmet = $$}, but oh, so yummy. I love the Mediterranean flavored Root Veg chips. There are only certain ones that I buy. Basically the ones that are 3 PTs for 1 ounce. For some reason, eating "potato" chips makes me feel like I'm still "normal" and not missing out on food that's bad for you!
Go ahead and add your favorite lunches! You're so close to the comment button, you might as well click it.


4evr_smiling said...

I recently tried the Kettle Bakes chips and they are pretty darn close to "real" tasting potato chips. 2pts for 1 ounce and they are so light that 1 oz makes for a lot of chips.

A great comfort food that I have missed out on is hot dogs in a crescent roll with cheese - YUMMY. I did a makeover with National Hebrew hot dogs that are 1 pt with reduced fat crescent rolls and 1/2 slice of kraft cheese - DELICIOUS! My new favorite!

I love breakfast at anytime of the day - so for a quick lunch at work I scramble an egg an nuke it in the microwave and put it on 100 calorie english muffin (1pt) or a weight watcher bagel (2pts) with a slice of cheese. Also very tasty!

I also do the lunch meat sandwiches pretty regularly and that's always a variety depending on the meat!
Thanks for your ideas!

Rebecca said...

OOH! Can't wait to try the Kettle bakes! Love the makeover you did on your cheesey hot dog rolls. Isn't it great when you can take a favorite dish & make it healthier?!

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